A clear picture of CASH on hand today and tomorrow

Treasury Management Software Module


Our Liquidity Management Module covers all of the requirements a modern corporate treasury department needs to manage daily cash and forecast medium/long term liquidity.

An Example of a Typical Day:


In the morning, all electronic bank statements are automatically uploaded. The TRINITY TMS will recognise cash pool sweeps and update the shadow accounts so that cash pool balances and interest accruals are up to date.

After the cash positions (per currency, no less) have been determined, and all cash flows have been reconciled, your treasury centre can run the daily cash report and make substantiated decisions with respect to FX positions (e.g., lowering/increasing debt level, etc.)

*Note – each subsidiary can see and utilize their own data, while the main location can see / utilize all.


Liquidity Management Module Features:


  • Import bank statements MT940/ 942
  • Daily Cash Flow forecast per account
  • Identification of cash pool transactions
  • Reconciliation (expected/actual movements)
  • Identification of actual data to compare with forecast
  • Account clearing
  • Financial status
  • Cash Management reporting

  • Currency differentiated cash flow forecast (with flexible time buckets)
  • Deviation analyses
  • Scenario Analysis

Transactions can be managed in the Financial Transactions module
and the necessary payments can be prepared, authorised and transmitted in the Payment module.

Having managed the day-to-day business, treasury departments and their subsidiaries can also use this component to build an effective cash flow forecast. Entities all over the world can upload their forecast data (in any currency) via excel and/or the ERP system, or enter the data directly. It’s simple, and seamless.

On the main office level, the information can then be consolidated with a single click of the mouse, and the data can be viewed and analysed in a variety of ways.

With respect to static data management, TRINITY offers a simple solution. For example, if the static data is already available in an ERP system/Excel, the TRINITY team will prepare a custom interface to import and map the data to the proper database fields.

This module is often used to determine baseline FX exposure.

Check also our Risk Management module.

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