About VION

Vion Food Group (Vion) is a Dutch based global top 100 food company. Together with a staff of more than 11.500, Vion realised a turnover of EUR 4,7 bln in 2016. The product portfolio of Vion includes fresh pork and beef products for retail, food service, and the processed meat industries.


Typical market characteristics of food producers are high volumes and low margins. This implies a strong sense of cost awareness throughout the Group. Key objectives of Vion’s Group Treasurer include: increasing transparency and streamlining the treasury process as much as possible. Additionally, it is important to provide management with a comprehensive set of reports.

In 2016, the TRINITY TMS was selected to replace an older system and support Vion with Liquidity Management, FX Risk, Netting and  Financial transactions.


Vion opted for a by TRINITY hosted solution. Main reasons where the high level of security (TRINITY offers a private cloud), an up-to-date version of the software and the fact that one party takes the full responsibility of the environment.

The results

Mr. Bak, Group Treasurer of Vion comments: “TRINITY is easy to work with and has many features that help our team to save time. Our department is now well prepared to support the growth of our operations.

Take for instance the process of FX trading; on a daily basis 10-20 deals are traded in our deal platform after which they are automatically imported into TRINITY (including the backto-back transactions).

Another nice feature is the CFO dashboard tool, that allows management to check the financial situation via a smartphone app. We were one of the first users of this new feature and, although it took longer than planned, TRINITY delivered a CFO dashboard that was 100% in line with our wishes.

When starting an IT project, people from different disciplines and cultures need to work together. I know from experience that you will always encounter situations where some things go differently than expected. Needless to say we had our share. Looking back, it was good to see that TRINITY took their responsibility. They have a personal touch, I can certainly recommend them!”

Some Success Stories