Epson’s lineup of industrial robots has been developed since 1983 through the original precision mechatronics and smart motion control technologies. From SCARA robots to 6-axis models and more, Epson robotics significantly contributes to product quality and yields in factories throughout the world.

In this particular branch, products have to be delivered within 2 hours after the order is placed. This created some formidable challenges for the treasury team with respect to managing their liquidity efficiently. Apart from these tight timelines, the cash related information had to come from all over the world. Since the EPSON is a joint venture, reporting requirements to the stakeholders are high and management concluded that Excel was no longer a viable alternative.

Implementation & training

After an intensive selection process, the TRINITY TMS was selected to streamline the treasury process. To keep the IT department lean, EPSON choose for the SaaS solution (TRINITY’s cloud hosting service).

EPSON was surprised with the swift implementation and required training. Henning von Tresckow, CEO TRINITY comments: “Our goal is to sell software, not endless and intrusive consultancy. Part of the training is the actual implementation, and much of the work can be done remotely. This saves everybody time & money.

The results

The TRINITY TMS offers advanced integration possibilities with EPSON’s other systems. This was also one of the driving factors in their decision. The system has been integrated with SAP, FX for Cash and DB autobahn.

Some Success Stories